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Yes, we return once again for a Saturday night hootenanny!
The American Musical Collective known as TAVERN TAN shambles into the legendary  Godfrey Daniels carrying not only their incredibly fine-tuned and pristine pawnshop musical equipment but also a boatload of home-made Barbecue! It’s a summertime thing. Dig it! Call Godfrey’s now or go online and make a reservation! Then you pay at the door! Bring your own beverages of choice! Excelsior!
17.50 includes BBQ and sides, BYOB
7 E 4th STREET
610 867 2390  
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Hey Pilgrims,
TT is well into recording their fourth album...this time we set the well-worn amps and gee-tars down at Westwires Studio in Allentown with Producer/Engineer Wayne Becker! Fourteen tracks have been recorded...and we'll see if they all make the cut, but so far things are going quite the meantime, our now legendary and semi-annual GODFREY DANIELS BBQ HOOTENANNY is THIS FRIDAY NIGHT, 3/9! We'll be playing some  songs from the new recording as well as whatever else strikes our fancy and can be performed with sticky, greasy pulled pork fingers! Hope y'all can make it! Cheers!

We wanted to tell you about a very worthwhile and exciting new project from our good friend Matt Kacar...Matt has started The Artists Connection Podcast, a series of interviews with artists he respects and admires, many of them local Lehigh Valley musicians, including our very own Doug Ashby and Dave Joachim of Tavern Tan, who sat down with Matt and talked all kinds of good stuff! In December, Tom Aczel sat down with matt in his basement rock n roll museum for a chat. Check 'em out; these are long-form discussions that last from 45 minutes to over an hour. If you long for the days when the art of conversation meant something, and you need more Dick Cavett and less Jay Leno in your life, than this is definitely worth subscribing to—FREE! Matt is just getting started but he already has great discussions with Mike Watt, Chris Thomas King, John Lee Hooker Jr, Danielle Lubené, Mike Dugan, Bev "BC" Conklin...its all good, [...]
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From The Urban Dictionary...

Posted on December 1, 2010

In July we ended our run as the hosts for the monthly blues jam at Godfrey Daniels in Bethlehem. Godfrey's is a one-of-a-kind place, and we had a great time hosting the jam for several years...we had many wonderful nights, some crazy ones, and only few kind of lame was a true working man's blues gig, very improvisational and we always tried to make it about the music...and we often made some wonderful sounds with all the great musicans who showed up over the years—from pros to beginners. We made a lot of great friends and probably a few enemies...and there were some who are probably still scratching their heads about what was going on every 4th Wednesday night of the month in that place! Special thanks to Jeff Huff for his support and patience with a bunch of guys who were busting out of their jobs on a wednesday night to work their blues jam tan! We hear that the jam will be continuing with new host Dana Gaynor from The James Supra Band (, and that [...]
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